Hamptons Table Lamps

Hamptons Table Lamps

At Hamptons, we’ve been providing Australia’s Gold Coast with Hamptons style furniture and decor since 2013. In that time, we’ve learned a few things about how to create good design.

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This style began along the beautiful coastal region of upstate New York known as the Hamptons. It is a high-end take on casual beach decor. While you’ll find a little bit of everything in this design, it focuses on a classical and modern look with seaside accents.

Hamptons style lamps come in all shapes and sizes. We have products that mirror the signature blue and white Grecian patterns for which Hamptons style is known worldwide. However, you’ll also find lamps that mirror the fun spirit of the Hamptons, whether that means a ceramic lamp painted with intricate shell patterns, or lamps with a knotted rope base.

Hamptons Style has Modern & Vintage Table Lamps to fit Every Room

Hamptons is more than a beach style, and you’ll find that many pieces from Hamptons are based on a vintage design. For example, French provincial is a big part of the classical styles used to bring a little more elegance to Hamptons beach decor. We offer a variety of styles, from vintage antiquities to the crisp lines of modern design. You’ll certainly find something that fits your unique vision of a Hampton’s home.

Our table lamps are perfect for accenting your overall decor. Whether you need something sleek and modern that blends in, or a more fun and quirky style that stands out. Browse through our catalogue to see the wide array of lamps we currently have on offer.

The True Classics Never Fade in Popularity

Vintage remains a popular decorating choice precisely because good taste never goes out of style. Antiques represent the pinnacle of good taste for different periods of time, and that’s why many contemporary styles of design often play on the classics. You can’t go wrong with a good, classic design.

You’ll find that many of our products combine a dash of the classics with present-day styles. By combining elements of design that have survived the ages, we manage to create something classic yet new. That’s why our decor stands out without demanding attention. It has a unique, yet simple and elegant look that is truly timeless.

Find Your Style at Hamptons Today

Don’t hesitate to look through our online catalogue of lamps. We are very proud of our line of products, and we hope you find something perfect for your home. We provide both quality and style, and we encourage you to take the time to find a perfect fit for your needs. We have all kinds of lamps including:

●            Table lamps for your living room

●            Desk lamps for your home office or study

●            Bedside lamps for soft lighting and reading

●            Lamps to fit every style

We hope you enjoy browsing through our online catalogue, and we’re sure you’ll find something stunning for your home.

Hamptons Style is the original store for all things Hamptons related from Cushions & Throws & Lighting & Furniture to Desks, House Decoration and lots more. Check out our full range today.

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Griffith Lamp
A blue and white ceramic lamp base with tall white cotton shade. * Ceramic base * Switch on whit..
Ex Tax: $181.77
Harper Table Lamp
The Harper Lamp has a rounded hand painted ceramic base featuring a geometric design. It comes in a..
Ex Tax: $280.91
Hopkin Table Lamp
The Hopkin Lamp is perfect for creating an effortless beach-side look and feel. The cylindrical..
Ex Tax: $250.00
Horten Table Lamp
The Horten is more of a simplistic, modern lamp consisting of a timber base and includes white shade..
Ex Tax: $54.55
Hydrangea Table Lamp
The Hydrangea Lamp is hand painted in large-scale floral blooms in classic tones of Indigo and White..
Ex Tax: $250.00
Kennedy Lamp
A white cylindrical ceramic base is complimented with a white tapered shade.  Just beautiful..
Ex Tax: $262.73
Lattice Tall Table Lamp
Light up your living space with this Ceramic Table Lamp with Lattice Design complete with white..
Ex Tax: $331.82
Leelah Table Lamp Gold
Bamboo metal spherical design with a gold finish also completed with a metal base, with a simpl..
Ex Tax: $168.18
Leila Table Lamp
The Leila is stylish lamp which is more than perfectly suits the Hamptons home.  It's base is ..
Ex Tax: $163.59
Long Island Jar Lamp with White Shade
Long Island Jar Lamp with White Shade is a lovely table or bedside lamp, a soothing colour that work..
Ex Tax: $199.95
Lotus Lamp with Navy Shade
An absolutely stunning traditional style lamp, the Lotus lamp consists of a ceramic base and na..
Ex Tax: $226.36
Lulu Lamp
The Lulu Lamp is a perfect balance between traditional and modern. It features a hand painted square..
Ex Tax: $217.27
Mara Lamp
The Mara Lamp gives a nod to retro 70's design with it's cylindrical shape and embossed design. The ..
Ex Tax: $270.00
Marion Table Lamp
The Marion Lamp is a classic lamp with an embossed geometric design. The base is Sky Blue and it com..
Ex Tax: $268.18
Mayfair Table Lamp
The Mayfair Lamp is ideal for classic interior styles with its hand painted ceramic base. It comes i..
Ex Tax: $262.73
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