Hamptons Style Living Room Furniture

Hamptons Style Living Room Furniture

People say that home is where the heart is, and that’s because home is the place we feel truly comfortable. All the worries of the day seem better when you’re sitting on your own sofa with a warm cup of tea. A Hamptons style lounge room is the best place to unwind at the end of a long day.

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That’s because Hamptons is all about creating a relaxing environment that exudes style. We are proud to offer Hampton-style home goods to Australia’s Gold Coast and beyond. We have been in business since 2013, and we have helped many of our customers find just the right balance of refinement and relaxation that is at the heart of Hamptons style.

We Offer Vintage Lounge Room Furniture in Classic Styles

While we have a variety of designs to choose from, much of our look incorporates a combination of classic design elements with a contemporary edge. Our vintage pieces tend a little more towards the classic side, and that makes them fabulous additions to your living room.

Our sofas feature plush fillings and rich upholsteries because we know your family is going to use them a lot! That’s why we also care so much about quality and why our Hamptons style family room furniture is made to last through years of memories with your loved ones.

Simple Sophistication Requires Balance in Design

Your home is your space, and you deserve a space that is calming and charming. Simple sophistication is all about a soothing environment that can also impress at a social gathering. To create this effect, you need to balance all the elements of your design just right. Any bold furniture should be balanced by more neutral choices, and any minimalist design should be accented by the right elements of colour and form.

We offer many furniture options for your lounge room to enable you to find your perfect balance. At Hamptons, we strive to carry all the core components of your living spaces. For lounge spaces we offer:

●            Family and luxury sofas

●            Side tables and coffee tables

●            TV units

●            Chairs and other forms of seating

●            Decorations for the walls and floors

●            Design services to help you find the perfect blend of elements, right down to the fabric on your upholstery and the wallpaper

Your lounge room is where you entertain, and where you spend much of your off time. Find everything you need to make it yours at Hamptons.

Classic Styles for a Truly Remarkable Living Space

A Hamptons lounge room can be a refined place of quiet sophistication, or a fun blend of classic and modern styles, maybe even with a little beach thrown in! The real secret behind a sophisticated look is to make sure you get the right blend so your overall design is balanced.

Our range of products and styles make it easy for you to incorporate all the different elements that catch your eye. Look through our catalogue and find the inspiration to create something wonderful for your home.

Hamptons Style is the original store for all things Hamptons related from Cushions & Throws & Lighting & Furniture to Desks, House Decoration and lots more. Check out our full range today.

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