A Designer Dad

A Designer Dad

Quite often, we are so busy leading & living our day-to-day life

that we forget to look at the space that envelopes us the most.

Our home, our Sanctuary…

It’s the first thing we see when we wake up & the last thing seen before we close our eyes at night.

It’s a good thing to take a really hard look with fresh eyes every once and a while, and a critical eye at that.

To freshen up, re-design, work the space differently maybe.

It can make a world of difference.

  If you haven’t heard of him before I’ve got someone to introduce to you.

His name is Stephen Saint-Onge & he’s written a book called

No Place Like Home.

Stephen has done just what I have mentioned above. He’s taken a dining room & transformed

the tired space into a comfortable living room.

The room had great natural lighting & flowed well to the rest of the house.

That dining room was only used on holidays, birthdays & special occasions. Therefore,

it could be put to better use.

Nothing like some fab before and afters!

This one’s totally rockin’ my style.

Here’s the before:

before 1

before 2

before 3

And here’s the after pictures. A breath of fresh air:






after 4

after 5

after 7

after 6

after 8


See what I mean about a breath of fresh air?

Hasn’t Stephen done a wonderful job of totally

transforming a ho-hum space into one of

light, airy, calming, natural, practical space… and one I am sure the family

will spend a great deal more time in now.

There are plenty of little elements of this room that I love.

The natural boxes stacked high as a side table between the armchairs

just to mention one thing I picked out, but I won’t bog your day down with

what I like … what do you like?
Comment & tell me!

Have a very happy Friday and upcoming weekend!

Donna  x

All images used with permission by Stephen Saint-Onge

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